Podcast: Tools that Beer Distributors Need to Succeed


We recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Kary Shumway for his Beer Business Finance Podcast.

The podcast is widely followed in the industry for presenting ideas, strategies and best practices to improve a distributor's financial performance. 

In our conversation, Kary asks us about specific OnTrak tools to help distributors get a handle on different parts of their business:

  • Printed POS – Signs, banners, table tents (SignTrak®)
  • Permanent POS – Neons, tap handles, umbrellas (PermaTrak®)
  • Line Cleaning – Draft line cleaning operations, scheduling, execution (whether in-house or by a 3rd party) (LineTrak™)

We discuss the benefits the software provides to distributors, some case studies from leading beverage distributors using the tools, and our newly available ROI calculator that allows distributors to see exactly what their savings will be after investing in our software.

 Check out the 20-minute recording to learn more: